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The Ultimate Revelation Of Worx Electric Chainsaw

Cutting down unnecessary trees around the house may become one of the bothersome tasks for you. If you have a quality chainsaw, this job can be easier and more comfortable. A chainsaw is one of the best options when it’s about woodcutting.

You might think that the chainsaw is a bulky, large-sized machine that is operated with a loud sound. But today, things are getting changed, and you can find a lightweight and portable option, which is the cordless electric chainsaw.

When it comes to choosing the best cordless electric chainsaw, you might get confused about which one is the right one for you. You don’t need to worry at all as we are here to help you find the best one for you. So, keep reading on to know more about it.

The WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw from Worx is one of the best chainsaws available on the market today. It comes with durable construction with a powerful motor to cut down firewood and unwanted trees more easily. It also provides you with a lot of essential features that you need to consider when purchasing the best one for you.

Lightweight Design

Let’s talk about the lightweight feature of this chainsaw. This electric chainsaw comes with a mere 11 pounds of weight. It has an ergonomic handle that ensures enough grip and safe to hold for a long time. It can also let you work in full control while cutting down trees.

Powerful Motor

The Worx WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw features a 14.5 Amp motor that allows you to cut trees, and firewood well like a gas-driven chainsaw. This chainsaw will let you start it easily and quickly without providing any problem. For noise-free cutting, this one can be an excellent option for you.

Auto Tension and Lubrication

This excellent chainsaw includes a patented auto-tension chain system that prevents over-tightening during operation. The 0.05-inch chain remains at the right tension after plenty of uses. Besides, this electric chainsaw has a 200ml oil tank that provides auto-lubrication continuously. It also comes with a window level indicator that lets you know the amount of oil.

Safety Features

When you’re cutting down trees with a chainsaw, your chainsaw must include safety features. Consequently, this 16-inch chainsaw features a built-in chain brake for added safety. It also consists of a low kickback bar to protect you by stopping the chain in seconds if you get improper contact. It additionally includes a blade cover when not in use.


  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Features lightweight design
  • Provides built-in safety
  • Ensures auto lubrication
  • Includes patented auto-tension system


  • It’s not suitable for cutting big trees


After all, this electric chainsaw can be a convenient option for any home garden. It’s also a remarkably efficient and durable gardening item you can pick for your garden. It’s more lightweight than many other chainsaws on the market.

Since this electric chainsaw comes with a low kickback bar and a built-in chain brake, you don’t need to worry about the safety of this machine. So, if you’re looking for the best electric chainsaw with plenty of useful features, this one could be a suitable option for you.

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