Honeymoon friendly places of Andaman Island

Andaman is looked upon by a honeymoon couple, as the best honeymoon place as it is free from any formalities like Passport and visa. A gorgeous mix of exotic islands, serene and private beaches, idyllic views create such a romantic aura to lure newlywed to plan a honeymoon in Andaman. A couple can browse for good and cheap honeymoon Package or customize their Andaman honeymoon package with the help of Andaman tour experts.

Decorated with luxurious man-made resorts and natural splendor, these Andaman honeymoon spots are ideal to enjoy a lazy afternoon at beaches and romantic sunsets with your better half.

Book Andaman honeymoon to enjoy correct colours of nature, experience your first-hand diving moments in the bottoms of the sea and gaze at friendly dolphins in the distance with a setting sun.

Though the Andaman group of islands has around 600 islands with beaches and only 4 to 5 islands make their way to list of Andaman honeymoon places. Usually, most of the Andaman holiday Package, as well as Honeymoon Package, start with Port Blair-followed by 2 nights in Havelock- 1 night in Neil mix-0 and ending with one or two nights in Port Blair. Little Andaman and Diglipur, makes way to list of couples who are looking for adventure in addition to romance in their honeymoon on beaches of Andaman. These islands are fabulous for those who like to go offbeat.

Top Honeymoon Islands in Andaman 

These beautiful places scattered across the Andaman Islands are the dream destination of every honeymooner. From adventure activities to virgin beaches, India’s Andaman and the Nicobar Islands are heaven and you definitely should experience it for a honeymoon.

The couple may choose and enjoy a memorable honeymoon tour by carefully selecting and creating a perfect Andaman honeymoon itinerary with your beloved. Here is a list of some top honeymoon places in the Andaman Nicobar Islands.

  1. Port Blair: Picturesque Beauty

The capital city with the only airport of the island is a modern city with rustic beauty and historical monuments that reminds of the British Raj in India.  Honeymooners can opt for Day excursions, beaches trip, island tours and sunset view tours other than a visit to many exclusive museums and cellular jail trips. The ideal stay in Port Blair is 3 to 4 Nights is needed to take multiple day excursion tours. Port Blair has something for everyone, like a trekking enthusiast, can opt for Mt. Harriet trek. A wildlife enthusiast may go on a day tour to Baratang island to experience limestone caves, Parrot Island and Mud volcano. Island Hopper has many options to take a day trip to Ross Island and North bay islands, Jolly buoy island and snake island near Port Blair.

Water sports lovers can have a great time at Rajiv Gandhi Sports center. Honeymoon couples should book Unique evening dinner cruise with live music.

  1. Havelock Island: Mysterious Island:

Havelock is the safest and most popular island of the Andaman group of Island and is two hours away from Port Blair by a cruise. Honeymoon couples in Havelock will experience both simple and mildly complicated adventure activities like snorkeling, jet ski, and scuba diving. Sunsets and sunrises are especially beautiful here, making it one of Andaman’s best places for honeymoons.

Good-looking spots to explore in Havelock are Elephant Beach, Kalapathar Beach, Radhanagar Beach and Govindnagar Beach.  Wild Orchid Restaurant-is well recognized for its delicious food In Havelock. A honeymoon couple should enjoy the mangrove kayaking in backwaters of havelock islands.

Tourists may see the bizarre spectacle of Bioluminescence in Havelock backwaters on no moon nights. Apart from a leisurely walk at the beaches of Havelock island, tourists may engage in adventure and water sports activities at Havelock islands.  A candlelight dinner on beachside will be a memorable experience of your Andaman tour.

  1. Neil Island: RistineBeaches.

Neil Island is linked by private luxury and government cruises and ferries to Port Blair and the island of Havelock. For Nature seekers, Neil is the perfect location. Neil island does not have many happening tourist spots but just a few stunning pristine beaches and beach resorts and a few cozy hotels rendering it as one of Andaman and Nicobar’s finest honeymoon places for the peace lovers.

In Neil Island, an attractive spot to explore are Sitapur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach and Bharatpur Beach. Neil island has good facilities for water sports. Neil island is well-known for its photogenic landscapes.

  1. Little Andaman: Gorgeous island

Little Andaman is a less-visited island but is bestowed with lots of unique natural phenomena like two waterfalls and Guitar shaped islands.  Little Andaman is a quiet and relaxing island 125 km from the capital city, on the edge of south Andaman. The beach has loads of spots and attractions for newlywed couples including beautiful views of nature consisting of, rain creeks, jungles, waterfalls, and spectacular long pristine beaches. Little Andaman is sincerely beautiful and a destination with a diversity of surprises Beautiful spots to explore in Little Andaman are Harminder Bay Beach, Butler Bay Beach, and Hut Bay.

A visit to guitar island should on the Andaman itinerary of the honeymoon couples if they are looking for exclusive and private moments during their honeymoon tour to Andaman.

  1. Diglipur: Green Views

Diglipur a small town, 8 hours away from Port Blair, connected by Grand Andaman Trunk Road and Cruises from Port Blair. Beautified by the great nature, Diglipur is an unusual destination on the North Andaman Island. Saddle Peak’s unspoiled environment and green views are ideal for honeymooners looking for stunning Andaman locations. In Diglipur, lovely places to visit in Diglipur are Kalipur Beach, Amkunj Beach, and Pathi Level Beach. Do not forget to walk on the tine sand strip emerging out of the sea, during low tide to connect Ross and smith island with each other. Don’t allow too much luxury accommodation and facilities in Diglipur island, this place is all about natural beauty with your loved one, and cozy moments.

Andaman is a beautiful beach honeymoon destination in India, Kerala, Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh is a contrasting honeymoon place of India.

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